Illustration of people holding laptops with the earth in the background, surrounded by technical terms Illustration of people holding laptops with the earth in the background, surrounded by technical terms

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    Your English job board for IT jobs in Japan!

    • Check details entirely in English!
    • Over 70 companies listed—from start ups to large corporations ranging in all types of tech fields
    • Search for jobs you can’t find on other job boards—since many don’t advertise in English
    • Remote work options available inside and outside of Japan
    • Apply from anywhere in the world!
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    Find the best match with “Trial Work”

    Trial Work allows users to actually try out the work and the team to see if the job and work environment is the right fit!

    • Creates certainty for employers and job seekers, eliminating the risk of mismatch
    • Find out what you cannot learn from interviews alone (what the job actually entails: required skills, team dynamics, colleagues, day to day duties, work environment)
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    Get scouted from Japanese companies!

    Receive scout messages directly from employers who want to learn more about what you have described in your profile.

    • Find job positions that specifically match the background and preferences in your profile
    • Discover Japanese companies that you couldn’t spot through your own search
    • Encounter new job opportunities regardless of Japanese language barrier
    • Enjoy smoother selection processes by being prioritized

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    Building an authentic employer branding strategy will attract the top candidates in tech from around the world.
    Together with Yaaay, you can establish a strong and unique presence in a competitive job market that will boost your talent acquisition.

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