Scouts that make you shout Yaaay!

Your new handy tool, Scout!

Illustration of an employer looking at a job seeker's filled profile and sending scouts
The Scout will be one of many tools in your job hunting toolkit, providing another way to find jobs on Yaaay.
With Scout, companies interested in your profile can now approach you directly!
The search for the best job match is now a two way street—both you and the employer actively looking for each other.

What you can expect with Scout

  • 01.
    Receive scouts directly from employers
    Illustration of scouts being sent from employers
    Japanese companies eager to hire talented individuals from around the world can now approach you directly!
    • Companies that match your particular skills and experience will approach you
    • Discover companies you missed in your own search
  • 02.
    Enjoy smoother, faster selection processes
    An illustration of a job seeker being offered a job proior to other people
    Being scouted means you are prioritized over other candidates, because employers want to learn more about what you have described in your profile.
    • Closer access to speak with the HR representative
    • Gain insight about the job, and know if it’s a match
    • Potentially land the job!
  • 03.
    Get scouted anytime, anywhere
    Illustration receiving scouts anytime, anywhere
    As long as you have a filled, detailed profile, you can receive scouts at any point!

How to maximize the Scout

Illustration of a filled profile
Have a filled profile
A resume will not bring in scouts

Employers scout based on the information provided in your profile.

The more details and keywords you include, the higher your chances are of being discovered by employers.

Remember—employers search among a vast pool of Yaaay users, so enriching your profile is the best way to take advantage of the Scout.

Uploading a resume will not lead to scouts, because employers gain access to your resume only after you hit the “Apply” button.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to companies until you click “Apply” in the scout message.

How to use Scout

  • 01.

    Get scouted

  • 02.

    Find notification on the header/your mailbox

    The number above “Scouts,” suggesting your unread messages.

    Illustration of the header notification when scouts arrive

    An email notification, with a link that goes directly to the scout message.

  • 03.

    Browse the list of scout messages

  • 04.

    Click a scout message to see the details

  • 05.

    Read the job description. Does it match your skills, preferences, and career goals?

  • 06.

    If you find anything that interests you, go ahead and apply!

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