This FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions we receive from Yaaay users. If you don’t find the answer to yours, feel free to contact us

Q1. I have trouble signing up.

If you have trouble signing up for Yaaay, please make sure the following is done correctly.
  • The password meets all of the requirements
    • 8 Characters or More
    • Contains Number
    • Contains Lowercase
    • Contains Uppercase
    • Contains Special Character
  • Check boxes are properly checked
  • The link in the verification email is clicked (the one you receive after entering your email and password). It is sometimes hidden in the spam or promotion inboxes

Q2. How can I apply to jobs?

You can sign up and apply to jobs by following these simple steps:
  • Register with your email and create an account at: Go to Register
  • Check your verification email. You will receive a verification email after you have entered your e-mail and password. If you do not receive it, please check your spam or promotions inboxes as well.
  • Fill out your profile (e.g. Current Location, IT skills, etc), and upload your resume. The more information you fill in, the higher your chances of employers noticing you.
  • Click on the “Apply” button for the job postings that interest you!

Q3. Can I get a work permit/visa in Japan through Yaaay?

Unfortunately, Yaaay cannot assist with the process of obtaining your work permit (COE / visa) in Japan. Please coordinate with your employer directly, about the process.
Whether or not a visa sponsorship is possible will depend on the company / job positions. It is best to check each posting, and ask the company directly after applying if it is not clear.
For more information about visa procedures, please refer to the website provided below: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Q4. Can I work from home in my country?

It will depend on the company, whether or not you will be able to work remotely from your home country. To obtain more information and discuss potential options, it is best to ask the company directly after applying to the job posting.