About Yaaay

Our Mission, Vision


To create a world where attaining the perfect job match between people and companies is borderless, regardless of nationality.


  • To enable IT professionals of all backgrounds the opportunity to work abroad.
  • To aid companies overcome all barriers, whether that be language, borders, or nationality, and hire the perfect candidate.
  • To bridge the gap between companies and talented professionals around the world, ensuring that there is no mismatch.
Shiho Tanaka, product manager of Yaaay with her arms crossed

We aspire to create a future where anyone, regardless of borders, language, culture, or background, can attain a job that matches them best.
In this world, employees will be able to demonstrate their skills alongside exceptional colleagues, and companies will be able to find talented employees across the globe.

Launching this platform is the first step towards this goal.
We continue to strengthen and grow this product so that Japanese companies and IT professionals all over the world can come together without limitation, and ultimately, people can choose careers with the freedom we all deserve.

― Shiho Tanaka, product manager of Yaaay

Why It’s Called “Yaaay”

The sketch of a person transforms gradually to the logo of Yaaay

“Yaaay!” symbolizes the outburst of joy from within, when the perfect job match becomes a reality.

Why Choose Yaaay

  • Business bag icon

    Your English job board for IT jobs in Japan!

    • Check details entirely in English!
    • Over 80 companies listed—from start ups to large corporations ranging in all types of tech fields
    • Search for jobs you can’t find on other job boards—since many don’t advertise in English
    • Remote work options available inside and outside of Japan
    • Apply from anywhere in the world!
  • People holding hands icon

    Find your match with “Trial Work”

    Trial Work allows users to actually try out the work and the team to see if the job and work environment is the right fit!

    • Creates certainty for employers and job seekers, eliminating the risk of mismatch
    • Find out what you cannot learn from interviews alone (what the job actually entails: required skills, team dynamics, colleagues, day to day duties, work environment)
  • Scout message icon

    Get scouted from Japanese companies!

    Receive scout messages directly from employers who want to learn more about what you have described in your profile.

    • Find job positions that specifically match the background and preferences in your profile
    • Discover Japanese companies that you couldn’t spot through your own search
    • Encounter new job opportunities regardless of Japanese language barrier
    • Enjoy smoother selection processes by being prioritized

How to Successfully Find New Jobs in Japan at Yaaay

  • 01.

    Sign up for Yaaay!

  • 02.

    Profile Registration

    Your resume and work history are very important.
    In particular, work history is what companies want to know the most about for mid-career hiring. Make sure to include as much information as possible in your resume.

  • 03.

    Search for jobs and companies that suit you

    Find out if you can relate to the company’s Vision and Mission, as well as the details of company’s job postings.

  • 04.

    Apply for jobs/get scouted by companies

    Apply for jobs that interest you and match with your past work experience.
    In the near future, you will be able to receive scouts from companies based on the information in your profile. We recommend that you always update your profile to the latest version.

  • 05.

    Start the selection process

    Once you have applied, the application screening process will begin. Tests, interviews, and Trial Work will follow.

    Trial Work

    At companies that offer Trial Work as part of the selection process, You will be able to learn about the job, the people you will be working with, and work environment before you join the company.
    Trial Work allows you to confirm whether or not the company is a good match with you before joining.

  • 06.

    Receive the results

    You will receive the results of each selection process directly from the company.

  • 07.

    Receive a job offer and prepare for visa

    If you pass the interview and Trial Work, you will receive a letter of offer. After receiving a letter of offer, you will confirm the conditions of employment and start preparing visa and other required documents.

  • 08.

    Resignation notice for the current Employer and preparation for arrival in Japan

    After completing visa and other procedures, notify your current employer of your resignation.
    You will finally start preparing for your arrival in Japan.

About Us

About Zenken Corporation

Zenken Corporation was founded in 1975 as a company promoting language education, and have been developing our language education business for more than 40 years, including Japanese language education with the official approval from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
We also offer comprehensive, one-stop IT solutions, and the proprietary AI system.

Our overseas IT talent placement business through partner universities in India contributes to creating a society in which excellent foreign IT professionals can work in Japan.
Zenken continues to develop business with the strong conviction that creation of global human resources and opportunities for people-to-people encounters through our IT and language education services will lead to the development of a more prosperous society.

About the Diversity Division

The Diversity division, specializing in the overseas IT human resources business was established in 2018.
In response to the needs of companies in Japan seeking IT personnel, we provide both ‘new graduate recruitment’ and ‘mid-career recruitment’ support services for talented IT professionals.
In 2019, ZENKEN INDIA LLP in Bengaluru, India was established.
This is our office in India, and make it possible to have seamless collaboration between the Diversity Division and India’s top engineering universities.
Yaaay is an exciting service we are launching with our heart and soul, connecting talented people with Japanese companies to create a job match.
Through this service, we sincerely hope to bring happiness to more people around the world.

14 members of the Yaaay team smiling at the camera

Company Overview

Zenken Corporation
Diversity Division
Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Central Park Tower 18F & 19F 6-18-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-8361
2 May 1975
437,411 thousand yen
Employees (Consolidated)
467 (Last Updated: 30 Jun 2023)
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