Yaaay Bonus, Yaaay awards a total of 30000 yen after you accept a job offer Yaaay Bonus, Yaaay awards a total of 30000 yen after you accept a job offer

Did you find the right match with a new job through Yaaay?

If so… Yaaay! Congratulations!

We have a little surprise.

For those fortunate to land a new job opportunity with a company through Yaaay, we are awarding a total of 30,000 JPY as a Yaaay Bonus!
Please check the below carefully for eligibility details, and if you are, hurry on to collect your reward!

This is just a little something, from us to you, to celebrate your achievement.

Now go on and give it your all in this next chapter of your life!

Am I Eligible?

If you meet ALL FOUR conditions, you are eligible for this campaign!

  • Users who accept a job offer through Yaaay
  • Users who actually join the company to which they were offered a position through Yaaay
  • Users who remain in the company longer than one month
  • Users who have applied to jobs after May 1st, 2023
Illustration of people eligible for Yaaay Bonus and holding coins

Who Is Not Eligible?

  • Users who did not apply for the Yaaay Bonus within the deadline
    *deadline details provided below
  • Users who accepted the offer, but did not join the company
  • Users who joined the company but quit within the first month
  • Users who joined the company through another agent / platform
  • Users who already received the Yaaay Bonus for the same company

How Do I Apply For The Yaaay Bonus?

  • 01.

    Accept the job offer

    Click on the “Accept Offer” button on Yaaay.

    Illustration of the “Accept Offer” button
    In case your company shares the offer via email (and not through Yaaay) that counts too! Contact us to receive further guidance.
  • 02.

    Share the offer letter with us

  • 03.

    Fill in the application form

    Once we confirm the content of the offer letter, we will send you a form.

    Make sure to fill in the form before the deadline (the day before your joining date).

  • 04.

    Receive 10,000 JPY

    After one month passes since starting your new job, you will receive 10,000 JPY.

    *If you are still working there at that time

  • 05.

    Receive 20,000 JPY

    After 6 months pass since starting your new job, you will receive the remaining 20,000 JPY.

    *If you are still working there at that time


  • False or malicious responses will not be tolerated nor accepted for this campaign
  • The Yaaay Bonus campaign is subject to change or termination without advance notice
  • Jobs applied through Yaaay BEFORE May 1st, 2023 are not eligible
  • The Yaaay Bonus will be granted either through online payment services, gift cards, or vouchers, at the discretion of the Yaaay Team
  • In case of online payment, the money transfer fee will be borne by the user side
  • If the user is working remotely outside of Japan, the rate applied will be the one on the day of the transfer

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