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    SOHGA Co., Ltd.

    IT Services & Consulting

    Company Overview / Who We Are

    We are a system development company with technologies and track records in sensing and image recognition/machine learning, which are exactly what is needed today as remote work and touchless systems are further required in the effects of covid-19. Since our founding, we have pursued a good balance between R&D and solid management, and continue to provide systems to a wide range of clients. We provide specialized technologies such as machine learning, image analysis, API linkage with various external services, drone(UAV) control, hardware sensor control. We have also developed a number of basic web services that have a wide market. They will steadily become work for you as you learn more about them. We prefer developing from scratch and pursuing better products, so we basically decline projects that just involve customizing packages or creating a single page website.
    Tobe Bldg. 3F, 5-10-1 Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0002
    10 members
    All employees are full-time employees and engineers.
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    Our Vision / Mission

    The reason behind the founding of SOHGA is to develop systems to realize the ideas of our clients, as well as foster the rich imagination of our employees, and broaden out a better society in which people act with consideration for others. What kind of society would be better than today? We believe it as A society with rich in imagination. By using our imagination, we as mankind have been able to improve things little by little. If we lose our imagination, people would behave more selfishly, and it would make the society a hard place for us to live in. Imagination is a very important element in human and cultural society. On the other hand, in the field of system development, we can create better systems by thinking about what problems the client is facing, and how we could solve them, from the clients' point of view and by using our imagination. A good system solves the customer's problems, brings profits to the company and is reflected in the employees' salary. Employees who are rewarded use their imaginationeven more to create a better system and it creates a virtuous circle. If you have enough imagination to put yourself in the other person's shoes, you can smoothly interact with others and make a supportive community. SOHGA is a company that contributes to a better future for all customers, employees, and the public through its system-development work.

    Our Services / Products

    A few examples of what we actually do ・Sensors on drones accelerating 3D scanning of forests and production management of forestry At forestry sites, each tree must be regularly monitored for growth, as it is shipped when it has grown to a certain thickness. Due in part to the danger of a slip, the work is hard. SOHGA has been working on this issue by developing a system that automatically calculates the thickness of trees based on scanned 3D data with LiDARs (radar sensors) mounted on drones. In order to solve problems at the site, we use sensing and data analysis, and we use drones to collect data when necessary. ・Automatic calculation and 3D display of how to load a truck full of luggage The Thai branch of a major automaker carries parts and products between parts factories and assembly factories through trucks every day. The larger the number of cargoes to be loaded at a time, the higher the transportation efficiency, which reduces the number of trucks, CO2, and costs. However, there is a problem in that the method of loading based on the drivers' intuition and experience inevitably varies. SOHGA developed a web-based system that automatically calculates the most efficient loading method and displays it in 3D on a browser by specifying the cargo to be carried on the day and the information on the truck to be used. 【Our original business that actively shares information and makes use of knowledge】 We are one of the first companies in the industry to adopt the concept of building sensors in drones, gathering data, analyzing them in systems, and using them for business. We have also launched the informational website Drone Biz (https://dronebiz.net/) and publish information on AI (https://aicam.jp/) based on the experience that AI (machine learning) alone does not solve the problems. Utilizing pre-process and post-process data that interacts with AI makes AI itself useful, and also developing and operating Hohoem-gift (which means 'Make you smile giftshop'), a company-owned business that uses image processing and image analysis to create one and only gift all around the world. We are constantly working to create new businesses by making the best use of related technologies.

    Skills Used in the Company

    • .NET
    • Amazon Aurora
    • Android
    • AWS
    • C#
    • CSS
    • Docker
    • Flask
    • FuelPHP
    • GCP
    • HTML
    • iOS
    • JavaScript
    • Laravel
    • Linux
    • macOS
    • Memcached
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Redis
    • SQLite
    • Swift
    • Ubuntu
    • Windows

    Engineering Team

    Q. What projects/services is your engineering team working on?
    Our strength lies in the development of software that helps labor-saving and automated inspections and marketing, such as calculating the shape and size of objects from camera images and identifying people and objects in the images. We are also an early adopter of drones and AI, and are a group of engineers with strong hardware-related skills, including research and development of surveying and data analysis technology using our own drones equipped with sensors.
    Q. What technologies are you using?
    Recently, machine learning has taken up a large part of our business, but we are a company with a fairly broad range of work, including image analysis, voice analysis, text analysis, pose estimation, hand tracking, eye tracking, SLAM, point cloud control, and more. We are constantly introducing new technologies, so it is impossible to write about all of them.
    Q. What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?
    We do not divide the job categories into smaller ones, and recognize all of us as system engineers. Our job is to think together with the customer about what their issues are. We make proposals, gather the information necessary to realize them, and if a system is an effective solution, create the system and solve the customer's issues. In addition to work that makes full use of technical skills, there is also interpersonal work that involves consulting and sales on customers' business issues, so we expect people who can cooperate with each other to create one thing for the entire project.
    Q. Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?
    SOHGA is still a small company, but we are involved in a wide variety of technical fields that are not easily found even in large companies. We are constantly introducing new technologies and aggressively taking on new challenges. Developing first-in-the-industry systems is a tough job since there are no correct answers to be found on the internet, and no one can tell you the answers for you, but that is why it is so valuable and give us full of opportunities for growth.

    Career Path

    We believe that engineers can do work that impacts society with more advanced technology by continuing to grow. What we value is not the post, but the ability to continuously solve more problems by improving our abilities through our work. That is what we consider a career.

    Our Corporate Culture

    • Assertive
    • Deliberate
    • Flexible
    • Logical
    • Progressive
    ・Love to contribute to society through the power of technology! ・ Accepts diverse human resources and changes flexibly. ・Strategically create businesses in anticipation of the times. ・Not afraid of failure, and enjoy taking on new challenges.
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