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Company Overview / Who We Are

Most of our employees are directly involved in software development, including testers and designers. We do not dispatch or SES, and instead engage in in-house contracted projects or product development.
1-11-20, Itsukaichi Ekimae, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
Not Disclosed
37 million JPY
Net Sales
Not Disclosed
Official Language

Our Vision / Mission

Leading a fun life using IT, and creating new technology that is useful for work and life
Vision and mission of SYSTEM FRIEND INC.

Our Services / Products

Contract development of software Consulting on system introduction Construction and maintenance of in-house PC environment Online shop construction and operation support Guidance education on computers Server operation Medical device manufacturing and sales business
Services and products of SYSTEM FRIEND INC.

Skills Used in the Company

  • Android-Java
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • C#
  • C++
  • Github
  • GitLab
  • JavaScript
  • JIRA
  • Unity

Engineering Team

Q. What projects/services is your engineering team working on?
・Unity's camera related SDK design, development, and support. ・Development of an AR app related to TV programs and image projection of celebrities, etc. ・Development of an MR app that allows the projection of 3D models of equipment inside factories for verification.
Q. What technologies are you using?
We use a variety of technologies, from apps for general customers to low-layer SDK development.
Q. What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?
XR app developer, library developer for camera and sensory operation
Q. Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?
The role of our group is to continuously research and develop cutting-edge technology. We are also able to incorporate these technologies into other groups of the company and take on the challenge of developing our own products.

Career Path

Maemoto, the head of the XR Group, has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for six consecutive years. Working with him in the XR field will surely be a great experience for engineers in this field. We have groups that manufacture and sell medical devices that are developed based on the technological researched carried out in the XR Group. By being exposed to the cutting-edge technology in the XR Group, you will be able to challenge yourself and cultivate new businesses.

Our Corporate Culture

  • Assertive
  • Flexible
  • Logical
  • Progressive
We have a corporate culture that values a work-life balance. We are an engineer-driven company, with no sales staff. Engineers handle everything from quotations to orders, and our versatility allows us to complete all kinds of orders. We do not dispatch workers at all.
Corporate culture of SYSTEM FRIEND INC.


XR Field Development Engineer

Job title Unity Developer
Annual salary 2.8 - 5.5 million JPY
Experience 1 - Yrs
  • C#
  • Github
  • Unity
  • Work From Home*
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Trial Work
  • Training Support

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