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    AR SYSTEM Co.,Ltd

    IT Services & System Development

    Company Overview / Who We Are

    With over 31 years of service, AR System is a System Development company that specializes in the development of e-commerce/mail order systems. Since then, more than 600 companies have installed our products to date, supporting a total distribution of 150 billion yen. Till date we have been marketing five product packages. Our processes are not predetermined and fixed, but rather we listen to our customers’ needs and feedback as we proceed with the product development. Our focus is on developing a product that is user-friendly and convenient for our clients. Our developers put their souls into each and every products we have released into the market.
    28 members
    30 million JPY
    Net Sales
    300 million JPY
    Official Language

    Our Vision / Mission

    【Vision】 Revolutionize the mail-order industry with the power of IT! We are an IT company that looks ahead to the AI era! We are a group of professionals full of development spirit who work with sincerity to create products. We would like to create new value with the best partners who share our thoughts and dreams by utilizing our asset, which is our fundamental strength cultivated through mail-order business and our passion for solving any kind of problem. ・Laughter to Members ・Impression to Client ・Value to Society First, we believe that companies are the place for employees to grow and achieve self-realization. We aim for all of our members to do so cheerfully, in a bright workplace filled with laughter. Furthermore, we strive for our products and services to satisfy our customers. Finally, each and every one of our employees believe that e-commerce/mail order is a universal service that improves society. We believe that it is our mission to help create a society in which the number of people involved in the e-commerce/mail order system (both sellers and buyers) are expanding.

    Our Services / Products

    ・ Development and provision of business software and systems ・ Package software development and sales ・ OEM software development and provision ・ Business software operation and guidance ・ E-commerce/mail order business guidance consultant ・ EC site construction and operation guidance Proprietary System: "Tsuuhan Ace" Tsuuhan Ace is a core system dedicated to EC and mail order. By centrally managing data scattered across various locations and tools such as order management systems, shopping carts, call centers, and WMS, more precise marketing measures and measures to reduce operational costs can be realized. Tsuuhan Pro Tsuuhan Pro is a sales management software and core system. By incorporating the necessary operations and functions into the system based on our mail order know-how, numerous operations, and experience, this software has made it possible to unify and improve the efficiency of operational tasks.

    Skills Used in the Company

    • .NET
    • AWS
    • C#
    • C++
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Python
    • VB.NET
    • Windows

    Engineering Team

    Q. What projects/services is your engineering team working on?
    The development department mainly works to improve the function of the e-commerce/mail order called Ace, a business package software. We perform and introduce customizations based on the customers' need, as well as conduct maintenance work. We are also developing new products. Furthermore, as an infrastructure business, we operate, build, and maintain cloud services. The person in charge makes a judgment based on the aptitude.
    Q. What technologies are you using?
    OCI, Oracle DataBase, Visual Studio (C #, VB.NET, ASP.NET), embedded languages, etc.
    Q. What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?
    There are Business Software Development, Infrastructure Business, EC development and maintenance, and Cloud service operation. Jobs include design, code development, debugging, operational support, and construction and maintenance regarding infrastructure. Development and introduction of business software, construction, and operation of cloud services to support the e-commerce/mail-order business.
    Q. Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?
    We constantly research new products, incorporate new technologies, and support the e-commerce/mail-order industry.
    Q. If you do, please tell us the details!
    Saas-type system development and new product development

    Career Path

    Our Corporate Culture

    • Conservative
    • Cooperative
    • Team Work
    Our corporate culture is different from that of large companies. While our members have a strong professional mindset, they are also very friendly, creating a family-like atmosphere within the team. We are a small team of 28 that includes our founding members. Together, we've cultivated a work environment that is truly warm and family-like. Throughout the stages of development, there is great deal of communication that occurs between members, making our work place a very lively one. On the other hand, being a small team, as members gain experience their duties and responsibilities deepen, therefore we expect our employees to be committed to their work and pursue excellence. Our company encourages employees to take Premium Friday (a campaign initiated by the Japanese government to take the afternoon off on the last Friday of the month), by which members often use as an opportunity to spend time together outside of work, and get to know each other better.
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