J-Tama's Co. Ltd.

IT Services & Telecommunications

Company Overview / Who We Are

Development and operation of "OPTEMO," an online customer service tool that enables on-the-spot business meetings without making prior arrangements
3F Koyama Daiichi Bldg. 3-17-8 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Not Disclosed
100.2 million JPY
Net Sales
Not Disclosed
Official Language

Our Vision / Mission

[Mission] "Visualize the value, optimize the opportunity" One same element holds different value for different people. But if the value is not visible, it remains at 'zero'. That is why we seek to find yet-to-be-noticed potential and optimize the opportunity for uniqueness to be converted into value. [Vision] "So that people, things, and products can all fit together in one swift motion" People (customers), things (issues), and products (services) are indispensable elements in the creation of value. A society in which people, things, and products all fit together superbly will contribute to a world where people can quickly and easily encounter the information, services, and value they seek.

Our Services / Products

Service name: OPTEMO "A new form of relationship between a company and clients, where business negotiations can begin directly on the website." OPTEMO visualizes in real time what potential clients are looking at and notifies the user of the best time to communicate with them. Therefore, you can engage in business negotiations directly on the website at the precise moment when potential clients are holding the highest degree of interest.

Skills Used in the Company

  • Nest.js
  • React.js
  • TypeScript

Engineering Team

Q. What projects/services is your engineering team working on?
Development of OPTEMO
Q. What technologies are you using?
・Language: TypeScript ・Framework: React, NestJS ・Database: MySQL ・Source code management: GitHub ・Project Management: Figma, ClickUp, Miro ・Information Sharing Tools: Slack, Notion ・Infrastructure: AWS, Docker
Q. What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?
Lead Engineer, to be involved in all aspects of development
Q. Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?
As necessary
Q. If you do, please tell us the details!
none in particular

Career Path


Our Corporate Culture

  • Assertive
  • Cooperative
  • Deliberate
  • Flexible
  • Logical
  • Progressive
  • Team Work
As we are a start-up company of 6 people, we take care to act in a manner that shows respect to the contributions of each member.
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