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    SHIFT Inc.

    IT Business

    Company Overview / Who We Are

    SHIFT Inc. is a company that expands its service domain to all aspects of IT with a focus on software quality assurance. SHIFT has built an unique business model, and managed to achieve high net sales growth every year.
    Japan (2-4-5 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
    9,361 members
    *As of August 31, 2022
    Not Disclosed
    Net Sales
    64,873 million JPY
    Official Language

    Our Vision / Mission

    “We seek out new value concepts and work sincerely to provide value to the world.”

    Our Services / Products

    The core business of SHIFT Inc. is quality assurance services for customers in a wide range of fields, from mission-critical systems in the enterprise domain, such as financial institutions, to EC sites, smartphone apps and games.

    Skills Used in the Company

    • CSS
    • HTML
    • Java

    Engineering Team

    Q. What projects/services is your engineering team working on?
    【About SHIFT】 SHIFT Inc. is a company that expands its service domain to all aspects of IT with a focus on software quality assurance. SHIFT has built an unique business model, and managed to achieve high net sales growth every year. 【About Global Projects】 SHIFT has an increasing number of customers who are developing their businesses not only in Japan but also worldwide, such as major apparel companies, telecommunications companies, as well as companies in the robotics and automobile industries. English is required in many cases to communicate with customers and partner companies, so that we can ensure project and product quality and deliver higher-quality services to the world.
    Q. What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?
    【Positions in SHIFT】 ■Technical/Consultant  ・Service Development (DAAE)  ・Consultant  ・Project Manager  ・Quality Assurance Engineer  ・Technical Specialist  ・Agile Development  ・Game Development 【Positions in Global Project】  ・PMO  ・Project Manager  ・Project Leader  ・Quality Assurance Engineer

    Career Path

    ■Technical/Consultant Service Development (DAAE) Consultant Project Manager Quality Assurance Engineer Technical Specialist Agile Development Game Development ■Sales/Human Resources/Corporate ・Sales & Marketing ・Marketing and Sales Promotion ・Human Resources ・Business Administration ・Design ・Information Systems

    Our Corporate Culture

    • Assertive
    • Conservative
    • Cooperative
    • Deliberate
    • Flexible
    • Logical
    • Progressive
    • Team Work
    “Openness” is an indispensable element in expressing SHIFT’s corporate culture. In addition to valuing the horizontal links between employees, we are striving to create an environment in which employees can communicate individually, from the president to part-time employees. 1.Human Resource Management Concept based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs In order to create an open culture, various human resources measures are designed based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. For all employees, business partners, and stakeholders in SHIFT, we are preparing personnel measures for each level of desire. 2.Internal Events Several events are held annually that all employees would participate in order to enhance employee sense of belongingness and engagement. These events include athletic meetings to raise the sense of unity among employees, and general meetings of employees to appreciate employees who have played an outstanding role during the year. These events are vital to SHIFT. We also believe that the cooperation of families is essential for employees to achieve high performance in their work. In order to convey their daily appreciation to their families, we hold events in which they can participate with their families, and also provide books on child-rearing from the President, Masaru Tange. 3.External Events “89 Festival” (Bug Festival, it is possible to pronounce “bʌ” for “8” and “gu” as “9” in Japanese as word play ) is held in August as one of SHIFT’s major external events, inviting current and potential customers. Every year, we set a theme, hold seminars and talk sessions with prominent people in the IT industry, and organize other ingenious events to provide fun and meaningful time and convey our daily gratitude to our customers. 4.Online Events Shifted from real events to online events, triggered by quarantine period for COVID-19. Using a system developed in-house, SHIFT have organized a system where both speakers and viewers feel a sense of unity even at online events. This system is used for both external and internal events. In external online events, we have managed to increase the number of participants of this event in FY2020 grew 7.5 times compared to that of the previous year and to expand customer contacts. In addition, in internal online events, we were able to increase employee satisfaction with the events, which was 88% recorded before COVID-19, to 97%. Now we use online events to improve the quality and quantity of communications towards becoming a company with 10 thousand employees. 5.Utilization of In-house Social Media SHIFT operates in-house social media that can be used by all employees regardless of the type of employment. This social media encourages each employee to freely express their opinions and respond/comment on them. This enhances interaction among employees and the creation of ideas, which also helps managements to make the workplace more open. 6.Interactions between Executives and Employees One of characteristics of SHIFT is that our executives interact with employees quite often. For example, there are many initiatives and events that make all executives and employees get closer, such as lunch time with executives for new employees of each month, active exchanges at various internal events, broadcasting internal radio by executives, distribution of in-house content which features words of the president, and the establishment of a hotline through which employees can report directly to the president. For this reason, a corporate culture has been cultivated in which the voices of executives are easily communicated to employees and employees can casually convey their voices to executives.
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