• Entrance of USS Co.,Ltd.'s office with a tree on the right side and a window at the back
  • An employee in a suit pointing to a document and showing it to his colleague at the desk next to him
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    USS Co.,Ltd.

    Information & Communication

    Company Overview / Who We Are

    In 1975, USS started out in an apartment building, mainly developing financial systems. In the 1980s, we began developing systems for the retail industry, and today, we have more direct dealings with our clients, with an ongoing transaction rate of more than 90%. Some of our clients have been with us for more than 30 years, and we have steadily increased our sales. In order to meet further customer trust and expectations, we offer proprietary products that have earned high praise. With our solid management foundation, we are doing our utmost to develop products that will delight our customers. 【High evaluation from Teikoku Databank】 Because of our extensive knowledge of the industry as well as our engineering capabilities, USS's system development has been highly evaluated by Teikoku Databank with an evaluation score of 60 points (55 points or higher is an excellent company). 【Recognized by the Shibuya Tax Office as an excellent tax return filing corporation】 We have been commended by the Shibuya Tax Office as an excellent tax filing corporation.
    Nissei Toranomon Bldg. 13F, 3-12-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    130 members
    As of April 2023, Group total
    50 million JPY
    Net Sales
    1,000 million JPY
    Official Language

    Our Vision / Mission

    ■Challenge to the future We always pursue technology and professionalism. ■Best customer service We pursue growth together with our customers and business partners. ■Respect each individual We value the growth of our employees the most and nurture energetic employees. ■Contribution to society We aim to cooperate with society by adhering to compliance.

    Our Services / Products

    【Over 90% of continuous usage rate! Development and provision of systems specialized for the retail and wholesale industry】 ■iPad POS cash register :NEXPO ■Customizable POS cash register :Asu no Regi ■POS cash register for optical specialty stores :Megane no Regi ■Sales management system for eyewear specialty stores :MegaC→ ■Analysis tool for the retail industry : Bunseki eye ■Electric Book platform : Go!Dencho ■Retail/Wholesale Sales Management System : Compiere (USS version)

    Skills Used in the Company

    • Java
    • PHP
    • VB.NET

    Engineering Team

    Q. What projects/services is your engineering team working on?
    This position is to promote open development mainly for financial and distribution projects.
    Q. What technologies are you using?
    Open development, using Java, PHP and other backend and frontend technologies.
    Q. What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?
    ■Financial engineers: introduction and maintenance of systems for banks, securities, credit cards ■Distribution engineer:development, implementation, and maintenance of sales management systems for specialty stores, SPA(Manufacturing and Retail), eyewear, wholesale, retail, SM(Supermarket)
    Q. Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?
    We have established a DX Promotion Department and are taking on the challenge of new initiatives
    Q. If you do, please tell us the details!
    ★Embed cash register and customer service support systems into tablets ★Add AI-OCR functionality in services that comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Law. (planned)

    Career Path

    Depending on your career vision, you can grow into "an engineer who negotiates with customers" or "an engineer whose main focus is development. Interviews are held on a regular basis to check for any gaps in career development. This is also an opportunity to communicate any concerns you may have outside of work, and we will follow up with you to resolve any issues in both your work and private life.

    Our Corporate Culture

    • Assertive
    • Cooperative
    • Deliberate
    • Flexible
    • Logical
    • Progressive
    • Team Work
    A cheerful corporate culture where it is easy to talk to seniors and feel free to be yourself. We support engineers in taking on challenges regardless of age or years of experience!
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