Does the company sponsor my VISA?

Yaaay team November 21, 2023 (Updated: April 8, 2024)
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In short, yes it does. But please make sure to read this article because there are some procedures that you have to take care of to get your VISA.

Your employer has to be the visa sponsor for your COE application

There are several processes involved in obtaining a visa for you to work in Japan. The first of these is obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which is one of the documents required to apply for a VISA. This application must be made in Japan by the Japanese company or employer where you will be working.

This means that the company/employer that employs you in Japan will be the visa sponsor for your application for Certificate of Eligibility as a host institution. In other words, the company will sponsor your visa.

You need to apply for the visa at the Japanese consulate

In order to apply for a COE, the company must obtain data such as your graduation certificate (last school attended), passport, and photo. Even if the company sponsors you for a visa and is willing to go through various procedures to allow you to work in Japan, the application process will not move forward unless the necessary information  is promptly submitted by you. Once all the documents are in order and the application is submitted, it takes two weeks to three months for the COE to be issued.

Once the COE is issued, the company will mail the original copy to you. You will then apply for the visa yourself, along with other necessary documents, at the Japanese consulate in your country of residence. The time required from visa application to issuance varies from country to country. For example, in India, it takes from the next business day to 5 business days.

Be prompt and attentive so you can begin working smoothly

The company that employs you will thus act as your visa sponsor and make every effort to help you start working in Japan. You, too, should remember that there are things you are required to do, such as promptly submitting the necessary documents and information, and be attentive so that you can begin working smoothly.

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