Questions frequently asked at interviews, Part 1

Yaaay team January 18, 2024 (Updated: March 12, 2024)
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Interviews in Japan do not only revolve around skills and experiences; personality and mindset is an important factor in the recruitment process.
Here are some questions that foreigners are frequently asked at interviews. Use them as a reference when preparing for your interview!

Reasons for coming to Japan and impressions of Japan

These questions are intended to determine the interviewee's willingness to work in Japan and their communication skills.
Many companies are looking for people who can clearly express their opinions and thoughts, so no need to hesitate to answer honestly.

- Why do you want to come to Japan?
- Why do you want to work for a Japanese company?
- What do you like about Japan?
- What is your impression of Japan?

Your motivation and goals

Motivation and goals are questions that are always asked during an interview. These questions allow the interviewer to confirm the interviewee's ambition and the level of understanding of the company. 
If your motivation and goals are not clear enough, it may give the interviewer the impression that you might think any Japanese companies will do. It is important to clearly communicate your reasons for wanting to work for that specific company you are applying to.
You will likely be asked the following questions.

- Why did you apply to our company?
- Why did you choose our company over others?
- Please tell us about your goals after joining the company and how you will contribute to the company.
- What are the benefits to the company of hiring you?
- Are there any other companies you are considering?

Here are just a few frequently asked interview questions, but more are on the way!


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