Don’t leave the reason for applying blank!

Yaaay team November 21, 2023
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Companies want to know "Why you applied for the job". 
Leaving your answers blank or writing too short because you do not know what to write about is the same as jeopardizing your own chances of advancing to the interview.
This article will explain how to write the reason for your application that is appealing to the hiring manager.

What should be emphasized

It is important to first determine what kind of person the company needs for the position, and then write something that will help the hiring manager realize that you are the kind of person the company is looking for.

If you are a new graduate, when writing the reason for applying, provide a specific example based on the skills and values that you have. It is a good idea to emphasize that the accomplishments you made in school are strongly linked to the position and company to which you are applying.

Focus on the important issues first

Be careful not to make your statement of purpose only a wish or request. 
When you write your resume, you should accurately describe the motives that the company is looking for in your resume, rather than your own wishes and desires.

While compensation is an important factor in choosing a company, it is not what the hiring manager wants to know the most during the application screening process. What they want to know is if you can visualize your own growth and development after joining a company, or to see your ability to present yourself in writing. 

Of course, hiring managers understand that things such as salary and work/life balance are important for job seekers, and there will be the occasion that you can confirm those issues during the process.

Conduct company research and enrich your answer

It is not an exaggeration to say that any hiring manager wants to hire a person who will enjoy working for the company and integrate well with both the staff and employees.

To convince them that you are a good match, it is a good idea to conduct company research and enrich your answer for why you applied for the position. In your reasoning, including the firm's reputation, your admiration of their services/products and character portrayed by the executives, as well as the company values and culture among other things.

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