No reply from the company for 3 days. Is this ”No thank you?”

Yaaay team November 21, 2023 (Updated: March 12, 2024)
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You applied for a job 3 days ago. Although you check the messages every day, you have not received a reply from the company yet. In this situation, you may feel uneasy and wonder if this means that you have already been rejected.
However, there are things you need to understand about the characteristics of Japanese companies before giving up on an application.

In general, Japanese companies are slow to respond.

The timing of communication regarding the selection process varies from company to company. It may be the same day, or it may take up to a week to receive a reply.
In some cases, it took as long as two weeks to receive a message saying that they would like to interview you after receiving an immediate "Thank you for applying for the position. We will consider your application and get back to you soon."

It may not be because of you, but because of their own circumstances.

It is frustrating for those who have to wait, so in the meantime, if you find another company that looks good, we recommend that you apply for it.
In general, however, Japanese companies prefer to proceed with caution. Also, if the hiring manager is busy, the selection process may be delayed. Some companies require approval from upper management before hiring. If the hiring manager and upper management's schedules do not match, decisions cannot be made and contacting the candidate may be delayed.

Don't worry too much about the speed of their response. Let's wait and see.

It is a common characteristic of Japanese companies that each phase of the hiring process tends to take time. Not hearing from them for a few days does not mean that you are rejected.

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