What to prepare for your job search in Japan

Yaaay team December 12, 2023
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When you register with Yaaay and find a job that you like, be sure to be well prepared in advance so that you can promptly fill out your profile and resume and apply for the position.
The following are some of the things you should prepare as you first start using Yaaay.

Organize your strengths

As a foreigner, you will be able to showcase your adaptability and language skills that many Japanese people do not have.
Your knowledge and understanding of foreign countries, such as the economy and trends, will also be a strong point to appeal to. Be prepared to give some examples, especially in connection with Japan, to give a positive impression of you.
It is also a good idea to list the qualifications you have. Since these qualifications may be unfamiliar to Japanese people, make sure that you can briefly explain what they are.

Write your resume

Most resumes in Japan follow a similar format, but your resume does not necessarily have to be formatted in the Japanese style.
However, considering that many hiring managers are not familiar with foreign-style resumes, you can make a strong impression if your resume is formatted according to the Japanese resume writing style, which you can find on the Internet.
Use a clean-cut, well-groomed photo of yourself, and avoid photos that are too casual or taken with more than one person.

Practice for the interview

It is a good idea to start practicing for interviews as early as possible. By practicing your answers to possible questions, you will feel more relaxed and be able to confidently present your strengths in an actual interview.  
During the interview, you can be sure that you will be asked three questions: self-introduction, why you want to work in Japan, and the reason you want to work at the company/job. Be prepared to answer each question in about one minute.

Be well prepared and stand out from your rivals

The number of foreigners working in Japan is increasing, and the environment is becoming more favorable for foreigners to find employment. At the same time, there are many applications for attractive jobs, so the key to success is to be well-prepared and stand out from your rivals.
We hope this information helps as you continue your job search on Yaaay!

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